Same Stars

Moving from Nigeria, there were a lot of things I expected to be different and many things I was going to leave behind but a few things followed me. They were not the traditional clothes, shoes and other little accessories my little suitcase could withhold. They were the stars.

Back in Nigeria, I would sit outside with my grandfather from dusk to the late night and I would pretend I were making a wish. There we would point at the sky, he would tell me folk tales and I would learn a thing or two about life. It was fun.

Now I am in a new country where sky scrapers obstruct most of the heaven but my favorite correlation, the three stars in a diagonal, are still there, stalking me.

Even though most things in my life has changed, I am no longer that little girl but a grown woman and have no time for star gazing, I always feel at home when I see them because then I know that somethings will never change. 



We were inching towards the top, the rhythmic sound of the wheels meshing with the tracks were behind us, my heart swelled with delight and my stomach swelled in fear, my left hand held onto my friend’s safe and soft hand, so that we made a fist, and the other clanged to the mechanical clasp that was the machine, and then we stopped. Momentarily. We soon began to fall, I began to fall, my heart made a leap down but my hair flew towards the sun. But before, I could summon enough strength to scream, we returned up but the peace of pause was short lived and we continued the tremendous ride.

Aside from the benign gush of wind that threatened to take me away, I also face the continuous out-pours from the people who sat next to me. I heard curses with profanity, cries of terror, screams of exhilaration and sighs of relief. Indeed, I sat in an emotional roller coaster, physically and emotionally. As we went up and down, then down and up, I heard prayers and then swears, laughs and then sobs but the ride was not yet over.

The wheels screeched and I was relieved, the ride was finally over. I laughed, We laughed but not till we had gently unmounted the carriers and regained our balance. After, we left we told our stories of our venture in a comical sense that made any listener laugh. I watched my friends giggle and smile and for some reasons their happy faces did not match the terrified depictions the camera showed of them the time earlier. I just laughed and sighed. Catharsis.