Schools are asking for too much

Sometimes, I get tired of having to do so much because colleges want to see that I am well rounded and possess leadership skills.

Well, news flash colleges, one thing you would definitely not see is my blog because I cannot let you take everything I love away from me. Aren’t you tired of the cliches of sparkly resumes and well written essays that does not hold true for the heart?

It is true that I want my accomplishments and words to speak for me but I don’t want them to be temporary, I want them to mean something. Nobody wants to waste hours from their week for a college admissions officer to glance at for one minute. That only cheapens the activity, dishonors the commitment dedicated to the activity and makes it a “corrupt bargain”.

I want to run for Student President because I want to make changes in my school. I want to spend every Saturday at a soup kitchen or volunteer in a hospital because I hate how my society is. I don’t want to plaster on a fake smile and pretend to be someone I am not. That’s why my blog is one of my most cherished decisions I have ever made. I know that the people who read it will not seem as just another number but as someone who has a soul and is willing to “let it go”. (forgive me for all my allusions; sorry about that).


College, Just Another Sorting Hat

Sorting Hat- Harry Potter

Now, I get the anxiety Harry and the other first years had felt as they stood in front of the Great Hall. As they waited for their names to be called, the 11 year olds left their fate to the magical hat that would decide their fate for the seven years they would reside in Hogwarts and maybe the rest of  their lives.a

But where’s the democracy in that? What if they end up regretting the house they are placed in?

So maybe they did not get into Ravenclaw or Gryffindor. They don’t regret it because even the young innocent Slytherin gets entangled in the world of dark arts, they learn to adapt. So this is my advice to high school seniors who probably got rejection letters from their top choice of college, you will be happy wherever you end up in. Do you know why? You are human, you have been through worst and because of this resilience that runs through your veins, you will make it wherever you end up in.