Worth more than words

As I turn the pages of my family album, a stroll down memory lane,  I couldn’t help but smile at my silly poses a my three year old birthday, my scowl for not winning a pageant,  my huge grin in my school picture; I wouldn’t trade those photos for anything.  They carry whole life. My first  Christmas with my entire family,  my first school dance, my first day on planet earth in mom’s womb and out. In the real world.
Don’t get me wrong, I am not old in fact I am still in high school and believe me I have a long way to go. But at times it helps to stop in stride and enjoy the view. I believe everyone should give themselves a pat on  the back for getting here so far. For being them we best,  for overcoming because it does not matter what you achieve in life if you do not enjoy the benefits of your strife.
Life is a bed of roses and it has thorns but we should try to enjoy it’s beauty no matter what.

By chikadestiny

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