Schools are asking for too much

Sometimes, I get tired of having to do so much because colleges want to see that I am well rounded and possess leadership skills.

Well, news flash colleges, one thing you would definitely not see is my blog because I cannot let you take everything I love away from me. Aren’t you tired of the cliches of sparkly resumes and well written essays that does not hold true for the heart?

It is true that I want my accomplishments and words to speak for me but I don’t want them to be temporary, I want them to mean something. Nobody wants to waste hours from their week for a college admissions officer to glance at for one minute. That only cheapens the activity, dishonors the¬†commitment dedicated to the activity and makes it a “corrupt bargain”.

I want to run for Student President because I want to make changes in my school. I want to spend every Saturday at a soup kitchen or volunteer in a hospital because I hate how my society is. I don’t want to plaster on a fake smile and pretend to be someone I am not. That’s why my blog is one of my most cherished decisions I have ever made. I know that the people who read it will not seem as just another number but as someone who has a soul and is willing to “let it go”. (forgive me for all my allusions; sorry about that).


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