Mother’s words

“Just try. If things get too hard, just pray and leave the rest to God.”

These were the words my mother said to me a year ago and even though her body decays in the hard soil six feet under, her words still resounds within me. Whenever I was sad because of a small failure I faced, she never hugged me or consoled me in any way, she would only berate me for letting my emotions get the best of me. She would say that by feeling down, I was failing to see the big picture. I did something wrong and I was not correcting it. She taught me to be thankful for mean teachers and love not being the best because then I would always grow and become better than I was yesterday. I loved her for being so direct with me and playing such a powerful role in my life. I know that I can face multiple obstacles because I was groomed to develop a thick shell. So I am not afraid of how many times I fall because I know that I can always get up and try again


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