What if Snow White hadn’t eaten the apple?


What if Snow White had seen behind the cunning eyes of the evil queen, had refused the epitome of her downfall and outwitted the villain, then the story would have changed. There would be no need for the Prince. She would have regained her castle as the rightful heir and lived happy ever after.
However, could she have become as deadly as the past queen?
Difficult times had brought out of her, the unique quality she possess, such as generosity, kindness and friendliness to both animal and human but without the wickedness of her stepmother, she would not have experience the adversities that molded her as the heroine of this story. Without those attributes, it would only be a matter of time before she fell into the same temptation.


Looking up


On the train, street and even school, I would look at my peers but they all would have their heads buried in their smartphones. They are working down the streets and their ears are plugged with headphones, driving down the lane and their cars are booming with loud music and whenever they get the chance, they text.

What happened to listening to birds singing or reading a book? The nostalgia for the natural world is real. With spring hailed by the high degrees of pollen in the atmosphere, the warm temperature that melted all the snow and the switch from the cone of scarves and thick jacket to flat and short sleeves, the world outside is endearing, beautiful but artificially populated.I would wake up in the morning, not to the sun rays creeping into my room but to the shadow cast by the tall building beside my house. I can really appreciate the golden horizon of the sunset because there are telephone wires infiltrating the perfect skyline and buildings obstructing the distant view. 

Well is not like it will really be missed since no one bothers with nothing but the LCD lighted scre

Sunset in the City

ens of technology. Nature’s nemesis.


College, Just Another Sorting Hat

Sorting Hat- Harry Potter

Now, I get the anxiety Harry and the other first years had felt as they stood in front of the Great Hall. As they waited for their names to be called, the 11 year olds left their fate to the magical hat that would decide their fate for the seven years they would reside in Hogwarts and maybe the rest of  their lives.a

But where’s the democracy in that? What if they end up regretting the house they are placed in?

So maybe they did not get into Ravenclaw or Gryffindor. They don’t regret it because even the young innocent Slytherin gets entangled in the world of dark arts, they learn to adapt. So this is my advice to high school seniors who probably got rejection letters from their top choice of college, you will be happy wherever you end up in. Do you know why? You are human, you have been through worst and because of this resilience that runs through your veins, you will make it wherever you end up in.